Top 6 Karaoke Machines For Kids

The following list is a ranking of the best kids karaoke machines. For a karaoke machine to make this list, it needs to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for children. The factors that determine the rankings are: sound quality, design and a little dash of fun.

6 – Jonas Brother Karaoke Machine (from Disney)

Not everyone is all that into the Jonas Brothers. I will admit, they don’t particularly excite me all that much. But I’ll bet your daughter loves them. This machine makes the list, mainly because its rather rad to look at. Even if you don’t like the Jonas Brothers, you’ll have to admit that this karaoke machine was built specifically with children in mind. For teenage daughters, this machine is a blast.

5- Memorex MKS-SS1 Singstand Home Karaoke System

Having Memorex on this list is bound to surprise just about nobody. Memorex stands as one of the top karaoke brands in the world. And for good reason. As such, you should expect nothing but top notch quality from this karaoke bad boy. A karaoke machine designed specifically for the home. It does not offer any gimmicks, or flashing light. It wins a top 5 spot for its durability and exceptional sound quality. A karaoke machine that the whole family can enjoy. One of the only karaoke machines for kids that adults can use for their own entertainment. Because parents are allowed to have fun too :)

4- Princess Karaoke Machine (from Disney)

Another Disney karaoke machine that was designed for young girls. You may start to see a trend here. Disney has created a decent few kids karaoke machines. All of which are built for girls. I guess the phrase “girls rule and boys drool” carries some weight for the Disney karaoke franchise. There has yet to be a karaoke machine that touches on boy interests. Disney, if you’re listening… a Transformers theme would be much appreciated. That being said, this machine is exactly what your daughter is looking for. While Disney is not a karaoke brand, they do excel at kids karaoke machines. Among other things. Disney dominates the children market for than just movies. The Disney Princess Karaoke machine is a prime example. The functionality is extremely children friendly. Only a few buttons, all of which are very intuitively integrated.

3- Emerson 150W CDG/ MP3G Karaoke System

Another karaoke machine that is great for the whole family. I feel like I’m cheating a little bit, because this system was not built specifically for children. When Emerson created the 150W they wanted to include as many people as possible. As such, the machine comes with some pretty rad features. The player has a very simple design that looks like its off of a Star Wars operating system. But don’t let the design fool you. This karaoke machine packs a punch. Not only is one of the best karaoke machines for kids, this is a karaoke system that everyone can enjoy! Comes compatible with CD’s or your MP3 player. Which is a feature that is becoming more and more important these days. Allows you to plugin guitars, if you so choose. Enhanced visuals for karaoke CD’s. A feature that will impress your kids. Allows for sound adjustments like treble and echo. You can record your karaoke night. Especially important for kids that want to improve their singing ability. And on top of all that, this is the best sounding home karaoke machine ever made. This karaoke machine will knock your socks off.

2- Hannah Montana Karaoke Machine (from Disney)

Number One! The Hannah Montana player is a no brainer for teenage daughters. It is the second best selling karaoke machine for kids most years. In terms of customer reviews, this machine is supposed to be some kind of godsend. If I had a daughter, I would not even think twice about which machine to get her. This is, quite easily, the best kids karaoke machine ever developed. Looks like a purple jukebox with a microphone attached. What sets this kids karaoke machine apart is the rather crisp sound quality. Yeah, it looks cool. Any product coming from Disney is going to be well designed. But what’s even cooler is the sound that you can belt out. And don’t worry, you can play a lot more than just Hannah Montana music. This karaoke machine can be loud. So if you want the option to get the place a booming, this is a good choice. There are two Hannah Montana karaoke machine models. Both models are the same except that one has a video camera attached to can connect to your tv. This video camera attachment displays the rockin’ image of your daughter in all her karaoke glory. A very cool feature. A Hannah Montana player a very good choice.

1- Singing Machine SML-390

This kids karaoke machine is my favorite. But apparently parents agree with me, because it is consistently the highest selling karaoke machine for kids. It offers top notch quality sound as well as some pretty nifty gadgets. Comes with two crystal balls that create an interesting display for kids, and a nice crisp sound. The best karaoke machine you can get your kids… by a decent margin.