Singing Machine SML-383 Review

by admin on June 14, 2011

The Singing Machine SML-383 is one of the most affordable kids karaoke machine available. But is it a good quality option for parents to give to their children.

This post will reveal my thoughts on the SML-383 portable CDG karaoke system from

To start with, I’ll mention that so far this karaoke player has decent customer reviews. About 80 customers have reviewed the product and so far the feedback has been decent

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Portable CDG karaoke system with disco lights and vertical loading CD compartment

2 microphone jacks with separate volume controls–great for singing duets

Disco Light Effect

Auto voice control

balance and echo controls

built-in speakers

AC/DC power

Includes wired microphone and sampler disc

Good customer reviews

Satisfaction guaranteed

Great price

Singing Machine SML-383 Review

A person can have a party that virtually takes the product anywhere that they want that is a portable karaoke Singing Machine model number SML-383. This also has a lighting system that is like a disco so that a person can give a party a little more life. This SML-383 has a CDG player with jacks for two microphones that have separate controls for volume for people that want to duet. Another thing that it has is an output for video that a connection that is simple to a HDTV or a TV to have the lyrics displayed. There are many effects with the light that is disco featured. They also have auto voice control, balance, and speakers that are built in with echo control. To get a person started, they have a free microphone and sampler music CDG.

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When a person gets the portable karaoke machine model SML-383, the box will have in it an AC adapter, wired microphone, sampler disc, RCA cables and instruction manual. It also has in the machine itself the CDG or Compact Disc and Graphics that is information that is stored that has data and music on a CD. It means that the CDG has output for video that is for graphics that are simple.

 When this feature is used on the karaoke machine the function of the graphics are for displaying the song lyrics that goes along to the music that also stores the song lyrics. When a person sings the displayed lyrics, the color will change because of the CDG software. A person just needs a regular TV to have this feature work. 

The next feature that the SML-383 has is the echo that is feedback in a singer’s voice that is minor. This is something that adds resonance and depth. This of course will not do anything to the music that a person is singing. Another of these features is the AVC that is a tool that is useful that will help in a learning session. However, this does not work with regular audio recordings only with the multiplex recordings. 

Another of these features is called the Multiplex and it allows a person to separate the music from the vocals. They do this by using a control the balance with the Singing Machine Karaoke System. This also has a few more features but overall it is a great gadget to use for a person’s next party.

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