Karaoke Systems For The Home



The Singing Machine ISM1010 Is The Highest Rated Karaoke System For The Home.

The reviews at Amazon speak volumes for how much quality is packed into this karaoke machine.


Price =  $400  ….  $235 (Only 3 Left!)




Professional-quality pedestal-style karaoke system for the home with CDG player and iPod dock

Speaker built into pedestal plus two tower-style speakers for 14 watts of total power

7-inch color LCD screen for following lyrics or watching iPod video

AM/FM radio with digital tuner

auto voice control

balance and echo controls

headphone jack

Includes 2 microphones (wired and wireless)

sampler disc

Great Price


As Made Famous By The Houston Rockets Star Shane Battier….



Having researched Karaoke equipment for the last month or so, I very quickly discovered that there really wasn't the burgeoning market that I thought there would be.

A few different manufacturers make a few different level of machines from Kiddie / Consumer Grade to Prosumer / Professional. This particular machine falls into the latter category. It's definitely Prosumer / Professional without doubt. 

Having used and messed with most of the VocoPro equipment and EnterTech all-in-one microphones, while they are good, they really don't come close. The problem with the Entertech Mics, is the quality of the actual mic which isn't that great and most of the electronics within the mic, including the song chip leaves you with a really sub-standard sound. Replacing the song chip is semi-expensive to boot, almost half the price of the mic, if you want to add songs. And you WILL want to add songs. The mic is very 'un-dynamic' to put it lightly. 

The VocoPro equipment is just plain hit or miss. You may end up going the route so many have with Vocopro and returning faulty equipment that is suspect. Reading the reviews, one quickly discovers A LOT of malfunctioning equipment plaguing the brand. When you drop close to five hundred bucks, I think that's the last thing you want to do. There are undoubtedly some very satisfied Vocopro customers out there, without doubt, but I think they're fewer than the unsatisfied. While the Vocopro (when it works) offers the user to connect to other rackmount pieces, through a basic line out or other component style options, you can actually do the same with this unit very simply. 

What I liked: 

1) This unit is very easy to set up and get going. 
2) The included speakers actually sound pretty good and have a decent range. I actually chose to hook into my home theatre on the second day, but I wouldn't dismiss the speakers as they're fine for small parties or being mobile or using with the kids. 
3) The entire unit is very easy to use and has more than enough basic functions for any Karaoke party. It's easy to quickly learn how to sound good with this and you wont get bogged down trying to navigate submenus or anything silly like that. 
4) Using the key changer doesn't degrade the quality of the audio like some other devices. I sing a bit flat so I dropped down to a Minus 1 and sounded pretty good right out the gate. 
5) The unit seems sturdy enough and could take some basic abuse if you had to move it a lot. It's not indestructible, so I wouldn't pretend that it is. 
6) The two mics that come with the unit aren't bad for starting off and sound nice. Obviously, the wired mic sounds much better than the wireless mic, which runs pretty efficiently off one 9v battery. I've used this thing for the last several days and haven't changed the battery yet. 
7) This unit actually *looks* nice, too. It doesn't look cheesy or have ridiculous lighting features attached. Several people commented on how incredible this thing is. It looks much better in person than the picture on the box. 
8) Can be used with your iPod and streams whatever CD+G files you have or video. You can also feed video in through the jack located towards the base of the unit. 
9) I play along with my Guitar wired in, which you can do several different ways, and had no problem sounding great. 

I added some photos to the product up above so check them out if you're curious. 

All the best … and have a lot of fun with this … encouraging music in any form is a wonderful thing

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