Karaoke Equipment

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Karaoke Equipment

The word “karaoke” originated in Japan, and it refers to “empty orchestra”. The following is what that is encompassed under karaoke. The services of professional musicians are taken for remaking background voices and music of renowned scores (songs). After that, the graphics having the lyrics are included. Amateur singers are then enabled to perform, by simply uttering these lyrics. The hardware and devices that are necessary for this entire procedure are together known as the “karaoke machine”. (1)

During the initial phase of karaoke’s popularity, it was within the reach of only the elite sections of society. But with the passage of time and with the advent of new technologies, more number of people started using it. As a matter of fact, Karaoke has evolved tremendously, in the sense that, now sophisticated CDs have replaced the earlier cassettes. Many innovative devices that were hitherto unheard of have now become a part of the modern-day karaoke machine. (1)

The equipment of karaoke is now inclusive of the following:

·         Cables and accessories like connectors, batteries and head phones, etc.

·         Computer karaoke.

·         DJ lighting which is inclusive of special effects lighting, LED lighting effects and black/UV lights, to cite a few.

·         Headphones.

·         Karaoke players.

·         Karaoke mixers

·         Magic microphones of various specifications.

·         Microphones of both wired and wireless patterns.

·         Mixing amplifiers of the needed wattage.

·         Recorders of any of the following types: CD+G players, Multi-Format Players and MIDI players.

·         Speakers of required wattages. The wattage of speakers ranges from 200 to 600, and in fact, some varieties even have a wattage that is well over 600.


The following are concise details about some of the leading brands of Karaoke machines, which are currently being sold in the markets:

  • Insignia™- CD+G Portable Karaoke System: This can be conveniently connected to the home theater and television. The features of this product are inclusive of: echo effect control, voice control and presence of built-in speakers, etc. This karaoke machine is priced at around $40. (3)
  • The Singing Machine- CD+G Karaoke System with Disco Light Show: This Karaoke machine has a price tag of about $60, and presence of disco light effects is its unique feature. The unit has microphone inputs numbering two, as well as outputs for audio and video. (3)
  • VocoPro – Semi-Pro Karaoke System: This machine has a built-in player that supports all these patterns: DVD, CD and CD+G. The VocoPro includes an equalizer of five bands, not to mention the AM/FM tuner. This karaoke machine, which comes at a price of around $350, also includes a digital echo control. (3)
  • VocoPro- Multiformat Karaoke System: This karaoke system supports all these formats: DVD, VCD, CD+G, DivX, MP3, CD+R, DVD+R and photo CD. This model includes both memory stick media readers and also Multimedia Card. This VocoPro player is compatible with both HDMI and USB, and is sold at a price of approximately $150. (3)
  • The Singing Machine- Professional CD+G Karaoke System with 5.5” Black-and-White Monitor: This karaoke machine supports both CD and also CD+G formats, not to mention that there are pre-loaded songs numbering twenty. This model has Apple® iPod® input apt for both keyboard and guitar, and an AV output. The price of this Singing Machine is in the region of $90. (3)

At this point, it has to be stated that all the above are just few of the several varieties of karaoke players available in the markets. The following are some other models that are equally popular: Insignia™- CD+G Karaoke System with 7” Color Monitor, iLive- CD+G Karaoke Machine with Dock for Apple® iPod®, VocoPro- Karaoke Mixing Amplifier and GPX – Party Machine CD+G Karaoke System with 5-1/2” Black-and-White Monitor, among others. (3) 


Description: insign

Insignia™- CD+G Portable Karaoke System                                    


Description: vocop

VocoPro – Semi-Pro Karaoke System

The following are some of the crucial points related to buying of karaoke equipment:

  • There are two patterns of karaoke players available now: a player operated with remote control and a one that is operated by a coin. As both these are compatible with TV, users can choose the one of their choice.
  • A major chunk of karaoke players come with a rating and buyers are advised to obtain details related to the same (rating).
  •  Users can also opt for karaoke microphones, which are now becoming increasingly popular. This microphone has buttons and by the pressing them, users can access corresponding songs. In fact, these microphones ensure that latest songs are easily accessible, by the users.
  • Online karaoke is also a good choice for people having access to Internet. Here, the users do not require music or CDs, and all they need to do is to get a microphone and join a portal, for using karaoke. 
  • People who give live performances need a multiple disc charger and an amplifier.
  • Several people are now going with CDs, rather than a karaoke player. In fact, these CDs are compatible with VCD and DVD players, and the PC.
  • It is strongly recommended that people opt for top quality audio outputs, for making sure that various audio features can easily be adjusted.
  • It also has to be ensured that the video output is fully as per one’s specifications.
  • Having good quality connectors and amplifiers is also pivotal for sound performance of the karaoke system.


Professional karaoke systems: Karaoke equipment used by professionals has to include many more specialized features, whose presence is indispensable during live performances. These guidelines have to be adhered to while buying professional karaoke systems:

  • The microphone should be having noise immunity, in that it should be designed to eliminate noises that are not needed.
  • Professionals should make sure that they have access to a good quality monitor.
  • The karaoke machine should be having an in-built audio mixer.
  • The song book of the karaoke should facilitate storage of over one thousand songs.
  • Excellent quality of video and audio is guaranteed by the format of DVD.


The ensuing are some of the leading varieties of professional karaoke systems: Vocopro KJ Ultra- 100, Vocopro KJ Ultra- 300, CLUB- 9001G and Vocopro CLUB-6800, to name a few. (6)

Karaoke equipment rentals: It is but a fact that owning a karaoke system is not within the reach of many people. But this is in no way a cause of worry, for there are now several sources, including online ones, providing karaoke machines on rent. It is very much necessary that the person who would actually perform visits the rental company and studies the system. There are quite a few rental companies that also carry out the installation at the client premises. Customers have to doubly make sure that the karaoke machine that they are getting on rent is in sound condition, in all aspects. Last but in no way the least, the equipment should be taken only after getting total clarity on all the terms and conditions. (7)

Used karaoke equipment: There are several online locations where used karaoke machines of good quality are offered for sale. Obtaining used equipment from a reliable source also denotes as being a cost-effective option for consumers who cannot afford expensive patterns. There are several portals like ebay.com, amazon.com and adpost.com, etc, where consumers can buy second-hand karaoke systems. People can get these machines at a cost that is approximately thirty percent less than the actual price. It is highly vital that people opt for a used product, only after they are convinced about the quality. (8)

Video: The following link leads to a video clip where, the pattern in which a karaoke system has to be installed is elaborated.


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