Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player Review

by admin on March 12, 2012

A Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player Review

As you learn more about the Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player, you should keep in mind that this company has been selling electronic devices for many years.

A number of consumers feel that Emerson excels when it comes to sound fidelity as well as product quality. If you are looking for a good karaoke machine, the Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player or another from this product line may suit your needs.

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Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player Product features

  • Can record as well as play karaoke songs— Ideal for adults as well as children that want to learn how to sing, or simply enjoy singing their favorite songs at a party.
  • Includes DVD, mp3, mp4, and USB support— Perfect if you have songs stored on a number of different devices and do not wish to convert them all to one format for your karaoke machine.
  • Connect to TV for video output— Save money and time when you hook up this device to your TV for parties or other venues where you want to enjoy both audio and video feeds.
  • iPod compatible— Suitable for anyone that has a large music selection on this type of device, and wants to sing along with any tune.

What buyers like about the Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player

  • Multiple ways to input songs— Most people that bought this particular karaoke machine did so because they have music files for many different devices. They were very happy to find that they could simply attach the device directly, or use the media from the device without having to convert files. Others were also very pleased to see that the DVD codes work well with both old and new formats.
  • Does not need an expensive video hookup— A number of buyers wanted to sing along with music from movies during parties or even for personal entertainment. The capacity to hook this device up to a TV enabled them to get the most from both feeds, as well as the microphone for their own input.


What buyers don’t like about the Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player

  • Weak playback from microphone— Some users noted that they could barely hear their own singing, even when they bought other microphones. It is difficult to judge if these people naturally have soft singing voices, did not connect the microphone properly, or if they did not adjust other sounds correctly to match their singing level.
  • May not last for very long— A few users noted that this device did not last long when used by young children. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine why the equipment actually failed.


For the most part, we feel that the Emerson GM527 DVD/CDG Karaoke Player is ideal for individuals as well as families that want to enjoy karaoke music.

You will find this system is affordable, as well as fairly easy to work with. That said, if you do not have a strong singing voice or have young children at home, you may need to do some additional research in order to find out how to get the most from this machine.

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