DJ Equipment and Lighting

by admin on May 28, 2011

DJ Equipment and Lighting

DJs are fully aware of the fact that having good lighting is as important as including songs, in their profession. That is why lighting has become a very key element of the DJ equipment. As a matter of fact, DJ lighting now comes in varied patterns, ranging from the basic lights to the highly sophisticated ones (lights). Here, it won’t be out of place in having a brief look at some varieties of DJ equipment and lights that are currently in vogue: (1)



Price (Approx)



Chauvet LED Shadow Backlight


Black lights


Omni UV Backlight LED Strip


Black lights


American DJ UV LED Bar 16


Black lights


Numark MixDeck DJ SYSTEM


CD MP3 Mixer Combo


American Audio Encore 1000


CD MP3 Mixer Combo


Chauvet SF-9005 Light Controller




American DJ UC3 Wireless




American Audio VMS2


DJ Packages


American Audio  VersaDeck


DJ Packages


American DJ Micro Galaxian Laser




Chauvet Min Laser RGX




American DJ Jelly Fish


LED effects


Chauvet SlimPAR 38 LED Par Can


LED Pars – wash


American DJ Flat Par Tri 7


LED Pars – wash


Chauvet COLOR Strip LED Strip Light


LED strips


American DJ Color Burst LED


LED strips


American Audio XSP-15 Passive 15-Inch 2-Way Speaker




American DJ Stage Act 56


Stage lighting


Chauvet Techno Strobe 2000S- Strobe Light


Strobe lights


American DJ Big Shot LED Strobe Light


Strobe lights



Al though the above is just a partial list of DJ equipment, yet, a point is being subtly conveyed by it: Chauvet and American DJ are the leading suppliers of DJ equipment, in the markets of USA. Here, it would very much be appropriate in taking a brief glance at the profiles of these two providers:

  • Chauvet: Chauvet commenced its operations about three decades back, and is now recognized as a leading manufacturer and provider of the different kinds of DJ equipment. In fact, Chauvet earned a name as a seller coming out with top quality products at highly affordable prices. The company, through its extensive distribution network, makes sure that its unique offerings are always accessible by DJs and other professionals needing the same (offerings). The comprehensive line of Chauvet is inclusive of lasers, LED effects, strobe lights, black lights and LED pars- wash, among others. (3)
  • American DJ: The Company came into existence more than 25 years ago, and is involved in providing lighting and other equipment finding their usage in discos, nightclubs and concert tours, etc. Professionals who are extremely satisfied with the products of American DJ are inclusive of mobile entertainers and disc jockeys. The exhaustive range of this provider encompasses CD MP3 Mixer Combo, speakers, LED strips, controllers and strobe lights, to name a few. (4)

At this point, it would indeed be worthwhile in briefly elaborating on some patterns of DJ equipment offered by these two providers:

·         Chauvet LED Shadow™: This is a DMX blacklight having three channels. This blacklight comes in a very slender design, and yet supports almost all the features found in its bigger counterparts. The various programs that are present in this product make sure that it has most of the needed functions. The LED technology ensures that the power consumed by Shadow™ is very much on the lower side.  (5)

·         Chauvet Min Laser RGX: Despite being a relatively small-sized one, yet, the Min Laser RGX lets out thousands of beams having several colors. Separate controls are there for both the green and the red laser. In fact, the RGX encompasses a huge area and is suitable to be used either along with fog, or even without it. (6)

·          American DJ Supply UC3 WIRELESS Special Effects Lighting and Equipment: This wireless is inclusive of output controls numbering four, and it comes in a very lightweight design. Owing to the smaller size, the UC3 can conveniently be fixed on lighting stands, walls and ceilings, etc. As a matter of fact, this product has been specifically made for the likes of DJs, mobile entertainers and bands, to cite a few. The four outputs support a feature where, same number (four) of master fixtures can easily be controlled. (7)

·         American DJ Supply Light Bridge Truss 5 Special Effects Lighting and Equipment: This truss has soft boxes that are collapsible, not to mention the constantly present lights. These lights make sure that the users immediately get to see the patterns of lighting. This product provides for power to the tune of 1000-watts, and is very much suitable for both professionals as well as amateurs. Last but in no way the least, this light bridge truss comes at a very moderate price. (8)

·         American DJ Supply LED TOUCH Special Effects Lighting and Equipment: This LED controller comes with a data wheel that gets activated by touch, and this feature enables users in selecting colors. In this controller, the number of scenes supported by the built-in chases is thirty. This product, which comes with a warranty of one year, has a very reasonable price tag. In fact, for getting the delivery of this product, the customers are in no way necessitated to bear shipping costs. (9)

·         American DJ Supply FTIMERFS1200 Special Effects Lighting and Equipment: This product denotes as being a perfect replacement for the regular wired remote. At the same time, if the users so desire, they can also operate this system manually. Both Fog Storm 1700 Hd and Fog Storm 1700 Hd are compatible with the timer remote. Even while obtaining this product, the customers are not burdened with shipping charges. (10)

·         American DJ RGB3C: This is a basic RGB LED controller that has three channels, along with a three-pin output connector of XLR DMX format. The controller consumes 3.6 watts of power. The product has been specially made to be compatible with all regular RGB fixtures. This RGB3C, sold with a warranty of one year, supports several features that need to be there in a LED controller. (11)


The link mentioned below has a video clip where, the features of a lighting stand video have been highlighted.

The ensuing link leads to a video clipping, in which, the salient feature of DJ equipment Lighting Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX Laser effect IDJNOW are elaborated.



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