Disney Karaoke Machines

Disney manufactures some of the very best kids karaoke machines around. If you have a child that’s into Disney cartoons, then they will absolutely love these.

Hannah Montana Karaoke Machine

This Disney karaoke machine includes a camera that places your image on the screen. So you can not only sound like Hannah Montana, you can look like her too. Right on your very own big screen, you can sing like a rock star.

Disney Jonas Brothers Karaoke Player

My teenage daughter cannot stop ranting and raving about the Jonas Brother’s. She wants Jonas Brother’s everything, backpacks, water bottles, you name it. For many girls, the Jonas Brother’s are the new Moffats. I must admit, this karaoke machine does look very cool. Bear in mind, it is a cheap karaoke player, so do not expect the world. However, your kid will love it, and for it’s price, it plays reasonable well.

Disney CDG Karaoke

Not all Disney karaoke machines are specific to a single band. Here are a couple of CDG players that are fun for all kids. The black model is particularly fun because it features disco lighting. Playing with disco lights is fun for all involved, but children in particular will absolutely love it. Both of these machines have rad reviews, so you’ll be sure to find a winner here.

Disney Princess Karaoke Player
Last, but definitely not least, the Disney Princess model. This kids karaoke machine is very popular amongst younger girls. In fact, it is the most popular kids karaoke player of the last couple months. If you want a guaranteed success rate with your kids, then this is a superb choice to make.